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Bacon Creek Dog Boxes For Sale

Bacon Creek Dog Boxes are now being made daily. I recommend 4 standard boxes, but most I build are custom.  Standard boxes were all designed to fit between the wheel wells and the tailgate for easy use.  If you want a custom dog box contact me with your ideas and dimentions then I can give you an estimate of your cost. 

48"w x 24"d x 22"h w/5"top storage/3 compartments/vents   weighs 48lbs.     $440 for white box

56"w x 20"d x 24"h w/5"top storage/3 compartments/vents   weighs 56lbs.     $465 for white box

NO STORAGE DOG BOXES     (Sets flush with most truck beds)
48"w x 24"d x 18"h 3compartments/vents                         weighs 44lbs.     $315 for white box
56"w x 20"d x 20"h 3compartments/vents                         weighs 52lbs.     $335 for white box

** Kentucky residents only 6% sales tax added
**Warranty** for replacement or repair is guanteed by me and refunds will be refunded within 14 days of complant.
Boxes built in colors other than white are 10% higher
Dog Boxes can be made from a variety of colors.
Dog Boxes are made of 1/8" Alumabond material with insulated 1/4" Alumacore material used in the floor of all boxes.  I use white 1/4" Alumacore for all floors to save cost to you.  Using white on the inside also makes it easier to see inside for things such as cleaning.  Colors other than white are higher in cost. 
These boxes have more ventilation air holes than any other boxes on the market.  Ventilation holes are even between each compartment divider for maximum air flow.



New trailer just finished for Fred Edwards in Perryville, Ky.  Total width 6ft. by 8ft. long.  Trailer was frame for popup camper.  Modified totally with all aluminum and 1"x1" plastic flooring.




This is a 56W x 20D x 20H dog box in black. 


Dog box drain and cleaning System


I always owned Diamond Deluxedog boxes or Houndsmen Deluxe dog boxes until I started making my own and one reason I did start was to eliminate 2 of the major problems I had with those boxes.
1.  Too heavy to load, unload or just move around.  ( Houndsmens also contains wood products. )
2. Cleaning...  When you have accidents or sick dogs on a long trip, ( ie..  urine, feces, vomite and hair. ),  these boxes are impossible to clean out. 
My dog boxes all come with a 1 1/2" removable drain plug for very easy cleaning.  Just remove the plug and spray box out with water hose from one end and everything drains out the other.  All compartment deviders have a 1" gap at the floor so you can spray from one compartment to the other.


4 Wheeler Box


Deminsions:  34w x 18h x 15d.
This dog box has doors on both ends and will fit on the rack of a 4 wheeler with out any needed modifications to your rack. I can build any size box you need......


Bacon Creek Kennel

Aaron Jaggers
Richmond, KY

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